Health Care/Counsel/In House/Louisville, Kentucky

Company Name:
Senior Director and Operations Counsel, Hospital Division
Duties: Will join the Legal Department. Reports to the Company?s Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel, Hospital Division. Provides general legal counsel and advice to management and operations personnel of the Hospital Division, a $2.4 billion annual revenue division in a large for-profit health care provider company. Advises and coordinates with management personnel, field operators, governmental regulatory and law enforcement agencies and outside counsel. Advises on regulatory compliance, risk management, hospital governance, audit and government survey issues. Identifies legal risks and develops proactive compliance and loss control techniques and recommendations. Develop and implement market specific physician integration plans in compliance with federal and state legal requirements and in alignment with hospital or market needs. Manages internal and external investigations including: allegations of improper billing, reportable incidents, suspected patient abuse, and neglect, physician disciplinary matters and potential civil and criminal law violations. Advises on end-of-life planning and decision making issues including termination of life support, withholding of nutrition and hydration, and advance directives. Advises on fraud and abuse laws, False Claims Act, Stark Act, anti-kickback statutes, government reimbursement rules and related or similar state laws. Manages outside counsel and litigation in areas of regulatory appeals, state and federal fines, licensure actions and various civil and criminal investigations. Provides general commercial legal advice including drafting and negotiating various outside ancillary services and managed care contracts. Advises on issues involving guardianship, living will, power of attorney and surrogate legal representation of patients. Creates and provides documentation for facilities, as appropriate. Provides education and training on legal issues to managers and field operators. Develops special programs including resource tools for distribution to management and the field operators.

Don't Be Fooled

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