Toolmaker or Tool & Die Maker

Company Name:
nth Works
Position Type:
nth/works has an immediate opening for a Toolmaker or Tool & Die Maker (2nd Shift). The Tool & Die Maker is responsible for all things related to a set of assigned dies and is therefore considered "Manager of the die". The first priority of the Tool & Die Maker is to provide the Press Technician with a die that will make a quality part at the prescribed run speed.
The Tool & Die Maker will report to the Tooling Manager for general direction and work assignments outside their pre-determined area of responsibility. To accomplish the task the Tool & Die Maker will do the following:
Maintain the tool.
Perform preventative maintenance based on particular needs of a given die (customize existing PM procedure to each tool).
Verify die readiness utilizing green/red tags.
Assign tool tickets to dies.
Complete repair ticket with Press Technician to ensure total understanding of necessary work.
Make tool adjustments to achieve quality first piece.
Be able to make parts from blue prints (Pins, Bushings, Basic Blocks and Sections etc.)
Be able to do Layout Work
Be able to Setup and operate a surface Grinder, Lathe, Milling machine, Drill Press, Radial Drill, Horizontal Band Saw, and a Vertical Band Saw.
Be able

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