Refurbishment Associate- 1st Shift (5 AM Shift)

Company Name:
Job Description
Under general supervision, the Refurb Electronics Associate is responsible for erasing all previously existing data off of the device, cleaning, and performing a quick overall functionality test at the end of the maintenance cycle. The associate ensures that all product meets or exceeds production and quality standards. This position interacts with a lead and/or supervisor several times a day, to receive guidance and feedback. Most non-routine activities will require a supervisor's advance approval.
Erase all data content found stored on the device upon delivery or support the functions involved therein.
Clean all devices to restore them to optimum condition for resale.
Ensure devices work properly by performing a basic functionality test according to original manufacturer compliance standards and meet QA standards.
Communicate any issues to management that could result in delays, safety issues, or anything else that could cause a financial loss to the company or injury or lost time for its associates.
Consistent with the general nature of this role, work collaboratively with others throughout the Refurbishment and Distribution Centers to achieve or exceed department objectives; assist in or lead special projects as directed.
Follow all known safety procedures and utilize good operational, loss prevention and safety judgment at all times.
Contributing to Team Success - Actively participates as a member of a team to move the team toward the completion of goals.
Quality Orientation - Accomplishes tasks by considering all areas involved, no matter how small; accurately checks processes and tasks; follows procedures; ensures high-quality output.
Safety Awareness - Identifies and corrects conditions that affect employee safety; upholds safety standards.
Must be at least 18 years of age and present any state required proof of age documents
High school diploma or GED required
Must be able to safely lift and/or carry items weighing up to 50 lbs., either in conjunction with his or her regular responsibilities or those assigned in other areas within the Distribution Center as directed
Must be able to bend, stoop, reach with arms and hands, walk and stand for 8 hours or more a day
Must be able to work for extended periods of time especially during high volume periods (up to 8 hours per day, 6 or 7 days a week)
_At least 1 year of work experience in a distribution center environment preferred_
Working knowledge of personal electronic devices such as PSP, 3DS or any video gaming device.
Ability to communicate effectively with others using spoken and written English
Working understanding of basic business computer functions, including the use of common Microsoft office applications on a Windows-based computer
Ability to work under demanding time constraints and workflow
Working knowledge of basic math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
Possess dexterity/ability to utilize writing utensils (pen/pencil), small hand-held tools, manual razors and other mechanical/electrical production and cleaning equipment without assistance
Ability to recognize discrepancies/errors in written/recorded data/information including the ability to initiate and respond to work errors in a professional manner, working collaboratively and cooperatively with others
Ability to comprehend and adhere to all GameStop policies and procedures, including but not limited to, those related to attendance and scheduling requirements, honesty and integrity, confidentiality, safety, and conflict of interest
Tracking Code: 3583-403
Job Location: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular
Req Number: 3583-403

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